LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator

LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator 4.9

LoanSpread compares 135 loans at once and lets you drill down into the details!

LoanSpread Financial Calculator is a tool that helps you compare many loans in an answer grid.
To use this calculator you have to insert some basic data: loan value, payment frequency, amount of periods, rate, and payments, and you will be able to get results in a table so you can study payment amounts, interest rates, terms of the loans, and amounts borrowed so you can find the best terms for you. If you double click a result in the table, you will be able to get loan summaries to observe total amounts payed (total principal, total interest, payments, annual interest, etc.) The program also lets you create amortization schedules and add prepayments.

LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator is a very useful financial tool, especially for those interested in getting a loan for different purposes (to buy a car, a house or start a business), it lets you calculate the most important variables involved in getting a loan, and compare different terms so you can make the right choice. Its interface is well organized and easy to understand. I recommend you test it by downloading the free limited trial available.

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Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro and Vista systems

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  • Easy to understand and use
  • Lets you create amortization schedules
  • Loan summaries for every result


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